About Kaylee N

Kaylee is our casino brand expert who wagers her time exploring upcoming casinos and testing out their features.

Among other things, she’s a perfectionist and enjoys interacting with fellow gamblers over a game of poker. Her expertise as a professional player is reflected in her reviews. With over 10 years of experience, you will find Kaylee’s articles are structured towards a player’s point of view.

Job:Casino researcher & brand expert
Education:Stirling High School, East London
Hobbies:PS Games, playing pokies, hiking
Favorite quote:You make your own luck
Living currently:Cape Town

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Kaylee is always open to talking about different casino brands with other players and is happy to receive tips on good and bad casino experiences. However, keep in mind before you contact Kaylee that he can NOT answer technical questions or specific questions for a casino, such as why your withdrawal was stopped by a casino.

You should always ask such a question to the casino first. Also keep in mind that Kaylee is happy to talk about the casino but during working hours which are 7.00 am to 4.00 pm from Monday to Friday. At other times, it may take a little longer before Kaylee answers.

The easiest way to reach Oliver is via email. Send an email to kayleenancarrow@gmail.com